Hey, I’m Max!

I’m a designer and illustrator located in Kansas City. My passion lies in leveraging my skills to tackle creative challenges, embracing design that thrives on a robust visual aesthetic and the art of storytelling.



Homefield Kansas City

During my tenure at Populous in 2022, I was part of the small design team tasked with developing Homefield Kansas City’s brand and taking it to a new level capable of application in their future endeavor’s, with a primary focus on using it to design environmentally within their newest and largest training facility. I worked alongside senior designer Franciso Besa to bring the new Homefield brand from concept to implementation within the space. Our approach involved devising a visual identity system rooted in a simple yet versatile shape language derived from their logo. This was complemented by a strategic emphasis on color, typography, patterns, photography, and iconography, all aimed at establishing a unified and visually compelling brand deeply aligned with Homefield's core values. This presentation offers a glimpse into a segment of our comprehensive project, demonstrating how our system was adeptly employed to create a tailored design for the space, breathing life into the Homefield brand.